Friday, January 28, 2011

Deconversion Pt.2

Hey all,

So I apologize for not getting anything up in the last few days, I have late classes on Wednesdays and a really early one on Thurs... which makes for a really tired Demigod Dragoness, but I am now well rested, and ready to make a post.

Now to continue the story of my deconversion.


Alright, so when I was younger I was told about the heaven and hell thing, but my parents told me a different story. Rather, my mother told me a different story which my father then repeated. That story was reincarnation. Both of my parents interpreted the passage that he who believith in me shall never die as reincarnation and told me about the reincarnation process as they understood it. I don't know if this is similar to any other religions which do believe in reincarnation, but this is how my parents told it to me.

Before you are born your soul exists in some other dimension where you are shown what your life will be like before it happens, you don't get the specifics, but a good idea. You get a choice about a few things, and your parents are one of those things that you chose. Eventually you are born and live your life, the moments of Deja Vu are those moments that reinforce that you are where you should be.

When you die you review your life and one of two things will happen. If you did not accomplish much of what would be considered your souls purpose then you would go back, if you had completed your purpose then you would go to some form of afterlife, maybe heaven, or maybe ceasing to exist. My parents weren't clear on that point. It didn't matter though because I was sure that I wouldn't be done in this lifetime.

Anyway, as I said in my last post I did attend church, and when I was a young teen I attended the Baptist Church. While at church I was told about heaven and hell, but reincarnation was only addressed to tell me that it was wrong. This caused a bit of a problem for me, my parents very strongly believed in reincarnation, but my church and my friends didn't. I tried to explain my parents interpretation, but that never worked. Eventually I stopped talking about it, and continued going to church, but still believing in reincarnation over heaven. After all reincarnation still sounded a whole lot more interesting while heaven sounded so boring.

I eventually got tired of being told that I was going to hell just because I didn't believe in heaven and hell. This didn't come from personal conversations, but from the pulpit during the regular Sunday sermons. I moved from that town when I was about 14 with my parents, and stopped going to church.

This one was a much shorter story, and I hope that the next one will be a little longer. Next time I'm going to address my relationship with my father,

Until next time,

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