Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Kill Your Kids!

I honestly had nothing to write about due to some recent health concerns, but I came across something that I felt I needed to comment on.

Over and over recently I have heard people say that if God asked them to they would kill their children. Is is just me, or should these people have their children taken away from them? First they say that God would not ask them to do that. Then we point out that people have killed their children because they believed that God wanted them to. They are quick to point out that these people are crazy. But that isn't the point.

The point is that these people truly believed that God was talking to them, and that God wanted them to kill their children. If the people who admitted that they would kill their children if God asked them to started hearing the same voices they probably wouldn't question it. So what is wrong with this picture? Is the problem religion, or the belief in God? Or is it the devotion that these people have to this deity to the point where they are willing to put their own moral judgments aside and do something that they know is wrong?

Granted there are reasons to let someone die... terrible pain which will not get better no matter what, brain death, and lots of other reasons to allow a person, even a child a death with dignity, but because God told you to is not a good reason. I would argue that because there is not likely a God it's not even a reason.

So should these people have their children taken away from them? I'd argue yes. Should I fear for my life? Maybe, my dad claims to have talked to God on more than one occasion... if I tell him I'm an atheist he might get Old Testimate on my ass... so who knows.

What I do know for sure is that these people are claiming to have the moral high ground, and they would kill their children if God asked them to. Now, I don't have children, but I wouldn't even kill my cats if God asked me to. Does this make me more moral then them? Hell yes it does.

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