Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clinical Trail Screening

Hey all,

I had my appointment for the screening for a clinical trial for a drug that is showing some promise in slowing the progression of ALS. The drug that they are testing is called Ceftriaxone, and it is generally used as an antibiotic. This study is in it's third stage trial, and it is a double blind study with 2 drug groups and 1 placebo group so there is a good chance I will end up getting the real drug.

The screening itself was pretty standard, blood and urine tests, muscle strength test, and a basic neurological exam, as well as a questionnaire... I had some problems with this questionnaire. It seemed like it was trying to gauge my psychological well being, however several of the questions involved things like spiritual counseling and prayer. I told the woman who gave me the questionnaire that I'm an atheist, she just told me to mark those questions with a 0... I hope that they don't send me to their chaplain... Guess we'll see.

I still have one more part of the screening to go, and that is an ultrasound which is scheduled for Friday.

That's all for now, it was a long day which involved a lot of driving so I'm going to veg out a bit,


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