Thursday, December 1, 2011

Victimizing the victim

So an article has come to my attention that I could not ignore, and could not stay silent.

A woman in Afganistan was put in jail for two year under the charge of infidelity. She tried to appeal this and her sentence was turned into 12 years - that's not the worst part.

The reason for her infidelity... she was raped - still not the worst part.

Her rape inpregnated her and she had a child in jail - it still gets worse.

There was a public outcry and a petition with 5000 signatures was presented to the president of Afganistan who offered her two choices:

1. Serve two years instead of the 12 she was sentenced or...

2. Marry her rapist.

Yes, that is the worst part of this story.

How can anyone believe that this is a fair alternative to jail? Or better yet how could anyone think that this is resonable... ever? The woman was raped... which is bad enough, and she is thrown in jail for being raped then they want to force this woman to marry and forever live with the man who violated her.

I don't think I can express how much it upsets me to live in a world where sh!t like this occurs, and how pissed I am in general over the situation this poor woman has found herself. I mean it... I'm so enraged that words are escaping me right now.

We live in 2011... things like this should not happen anywhere ever! Well you can bet now that this story has hit the blogosphere the president of Afganistan is going to get a petition with more than 5000 signatures.

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