Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tired of being a Doormat

So I went on about my sister a few days ago, and a few days ago someone else expected me to roll over for them. I decided not to make a post while I was still enraged because I might have taken things out of context and possibly said things that I may have regretted. I am much calmer now, and am ready to post the whole story.

I was a member of an e-fed... for those of you who don't know an e-fed is an online wrestling endeavor which includes a lot of creative writing. I joined not because I like wrestling, but because I wanted a creative outlet. When you are a student writing nothing but essays and reading responses sometimes doing something creative is well needed. I only had to write a role play which was about 2-3 pages once a week, which isn't very time consuming, though sometimes my role playing was not as insightful as I would have liked because I didn't have the time to devote to it.

The owner of the fed was a friend of mine and we had worked together on creative endeavors before, so I thought that we might actually be able to work together again, and for the most part I was right, but every so often we would argue about the way we wanted things to go. Well when working on something creative together there are bound to be disagreements, so whatever. However, recently he and I got into a very big fight when it came to things such as the rules. He has a character in his fed and posts role plays for that character, recently he posted a role play past the deadline that he himself had made, and won his match. I pointed out to him that as the owner that looks a little fishy, and that as the owner he has a responsibility to lead by example. I also pointed out a few things that were a pet peeve of mine. These things included the fact that I had lost a lot because I had always posted my work early while to beat me all my opponent had to do was read my role play and rebut it... which to me didn't seem fair and it is not difficult to do, but I digress.

The owner of the fed took all this as a personal attack and responded in kind. He accused me of a number of inane things, such as assuming that he only broke the rules for himself, which I never said, and various other things which were irrelevant to the conversation. All of this showed me that he had a lack of respect for me and that since if any criticism I voice will be taken as a personal attack it was clear to me that it was time for me to leave. Which is not unreasonable. Naturally after I posted my goodbye on the forums the owner got in touch with me and we argued again. However, I did not take back anything or offer to come back because I really don't need to put up with crap like that.

Since I left several other members of the e-fed have gotten in touch with me to make sure everything is alright, and even some of the members whom I didn't know that well. I'd like to thank them for their well wishes and offers of a kind ear.

However, all of this has led me to the observation that I have allowed people to walk all over me for far too long, and it has to end. I don't care if you are family or friend if you try to take advantage of me or try to make me feel bad for not doing what you want I'm on to you, and if you try it again you will get it back in kind.

Until next time,

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