Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I recently came across a poll which stated that 40% of people in Canada believe in creationism... that number is a little high. Especially since we don't have such a strong ID movement here in Canada as the US which tells me a few things.

1. The education here in Canada is not as great as people think it is. Though Canadians may be aware of the evidence for evolution they ignore it which means to me that what is being taught in school is not clear enough or doesn't answer the questions students may have.

2. Canada is very influenced by the US, and frankly this needs to stop. The US should not be able to coerce us into passing or not passing regulations here in Canada, but that is the topic for another post. What this means is that the US media has too much of an affect on the Canadian population, and the Creationist crap is getting through in some way.

I really don't understand why this is the case in Canada, from what I can recall my high school education when it came to evolution was very comprehensive, and taught in a way that I could understand it... what changed in the 9 years since I have been in high school?

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