Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disability appointments

Hey all,

Well yesterday I had my first appointment with the Disabilities Office at my school, and they are willing to help me out a lot. They are going to ensure that all of my classes are on the same side of the river, and provide me with a smart pen (which records and plays the recording from the note which was taken). They are also going to make sure that I can write my exams in a computer lab because handwriting a three hour exam is impossible. I just have to give them some documentation from my doctor... which my doctor has, but hasn't had time to fill out for me.

I also had an appointment with an occupational therapist today, and she is going to help me get some assistance devices around the house, and she is going to come to our new house and make an assessment of it once we move in... in about three weeks.

We have also been doing some packing, which is going well... but we need more boxes... though some friends of ours just moved, and are happy to provide their boxes to us :)

I also put down a deposit on a wedding officiant today. One who is willing to do the wedding ceremony the way that my fiance and I want it. So overall... things are going pretty smoothly.

That's all for now,

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