Monday, January 3, 2011

First Post and first vent

Hey All,

I'm Demigod.Dragoness, aka Nightmare Drusilla in other circles. I have decided to start this blog mostly because there are things I need to vent about. However, before I get into all that I figured I'd first say a few things about myself, primarily because I hate the way that these things ask for information.

I'm 27, and in my third year of an anthropology program in my local university. I am engaged to a guy I have been with for six years, and we plan on getting married in the summer of 2012, after I get my BA. I am an atheist, and if you happen to come across this and think that it is your duty to save my immortal soul... save your breath. I have come to the conclusions I have about my beliefs for many reasons, plus personal experience, and there is nothing anyone can tell me that I haven't already heard, sorry.

I figured that I would lay all of that out first before getting into the "meat" of what I'm going to say so that you have some idea of where I'm coming from.

Now, for those of you in university, I'm sure that you can understand how hard it is to try to maintain a personal life, especially in the upper years. I have been working hard to stay on top of my readings, and assignments, and studying, and that doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else. Lately my younger sister has been getting on my case about my choice to put my school work first, you know, cause I want to do well and be able to go to grad school. So she first tried to pull a guilt trip along the lines of "your friends may all tell you they understand, but they are just used to you ignoring them". Which, being the scientist I am, I decided to test, by polling my friends to see if they indeed feel that way... and surprise... they all understand that school comes first. Suddenly I'm more pissed off because my sister has been putting words into people's mouths. Granted this was a while ago, and was because I couldn't make it out for a birthday, not hers, during hell week. You know the week right? 4 assignments due before exams start... yeah that week... when I was working on school work for 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

I know that she really doesn't understand because she didn't finish high school, so she has no idea, but for her to accuse me of things like that is complete and utter crap. Now, for New Years Eve, some of my friends from out of town came to my place, and it was cool because I hadn't been able to spend time with them since Canadian Thanksgiving, so it was nice. These friends also have a one year old son. My sister had offered to do dinner, but as it stood our plans were all over the place, we eventually decided to stay in. Around 7 pm she invited all of us over to her place for dinner, and I told her that wasn't going to happen because the little one was going to bed very soon, and she got a pissy with me. So it seems that she just wants me to do things her way... which isn't going to happen, and she should stop expecting it.

Well that concludes my first vent... and I feel a little better getting that off my chest... I'm sure I will use this more often.

Until next time,

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